9:00am-1:00pm: Vendor Load-In
2:00pm-Show Opens
4:30pm-Best Lettering
5:15pm-Full Back
6:45pm-Best Asian
9:00pm-Tattoo of the Day
11:00pm-Show Ends
11:00am-Show Opens
3:00pm-Best Tattoo Cover-up (must have before picture)
3:45pm-Best Small Color
4:30pm-Best Large Color
5:15pm-Best Portrait/Realism
6:00pm-Best Small Traditional
6:45pm-Best Large Traditional
9:00pm-Tattoo of the Day
11:00pm-Show Ends
11:00am-Show opens
2:00pm-Best New School
2:45pm-Best Sleeve
3:30pm-Best Small Black and Gray
4:15pm-Best Large Black and Gray
5:00pm-Best Polynesian
6:00pm-Tattoo of the Day!
7:00pm-Show Ends! See you next year!
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