We appreciate all our vendors! Make sure to stop by and look at their wares....

HOOLIGAN INC original designed Hooligan clothing by Sal Verduzco. He will have  selection of t-shirts, sweatshirts, tanktops and hats for sale at the show. Make sure to grab your show sweatshirt to add to your collection! Sizes range from XS to 5XL.
Susie Q Skin is an all-natural skincare and tattoo aftercare company based out of
Milwaukie, Oregon. Tattoo aftercare sets will be sold at the show starting at just $20 for a wash and salve. #intentionallyhonestskincare
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Lisa Tompkins and Gina Erni, sisters, decided to open Bright Day CBD when a family member with severe health issues, including a very painful autoimmune disease that causes the spine to fuse, turned to CBD for relief. This was several years ago, so she was purchasing products at the Medical Marijuana stores with her Medical Marijuana card. 
She was able to find capsules and topicals with high CBD and low THC and found great relief with these products. Lisa and Gina decided that if CBD became legal on its own, they would open a shop so they could introduce others to the benefits of CBD.
Bright Day, Your Local CBD Store, features a variety of high-quality and affordable CBD products. Our passion for excellence has driven us from the beginning and continues to drive us into the future. The team at Bright Day  knows that every product counts, and strives to make the entire shopping experience as rewarding and fun as possible.
We are excited to announce an exclusive partnership for all Iron Circus shows with Obisdian Tattoo Supply out of Portland, Oregon.
After years of tattooing I wanted to become more involved in the product supply side of the tattoo world. I had become dissatisfied with the lack of readily available quality tattoo supplies within the local tattoo supply storefronts. So, with the help of my partner, we purchased an existing supply store and went to work!
After purchasing Obsidian Tattoo Supply, my partner and I decided to shake up the business. After months under that name we decided it was best to adopt the name of my tattoo studio, Obsidian Tattoo, to show that change in shop ownership style and products carried. We spent time doing research, talking with local artists, and slowly built the stock we now carry based on that input. We strive to carry primarily vegan tattoo & aftercare products. Safety for the artist and their clients is priority #1. Our goal is to bring artists the best quality supplies available so that they may pass that quality on to their customers.   
We hope you enjoy our store and if you have anything you would like to see sold here feel free to reach out to us. 
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Gianni Del Biscotti reimagines pop culture personalities in the style of old school saints on prayer candles and posters.
Come check out Saint Keanu or Saint Ruth Bader Ginsburg to name just a few!
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